Browser Support Issue

Your browser does not support the features required by this game.

Try using Chrome. Google are evil, but the 3D performance is actually very good.

Firefox is a great browser - but it's 3D performance is terrible. It can support this game but you have to fiddle with the internals of the browser; which is crazy. Sort it out Mozilla!

Safari is holding back the progress of the Human race, even if this game could run in Safari - I would still feel pitty for whatever species of creature that your are because your technological progress is being thwarted by such a terrible biece of software.

Feature Missing: Canvas.TransferControlToOffscreen
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Turret Control

You can pan the view around by holding down the right mouse button and then dragging the mouse. The mech will then turn its cockpit to face the direction that you are looking.

View Adjust

You can zoom in to the cockpit, or move the view back to third person all the way out to a strategic overview by using the mouse wheel.

You gain control of additional mechs through the course of the game.

Z Select Mech: Funky
X Select Mech: Groover
C Select Mech: Radical
V Select Mech: Vibes

You can take control of different mechs by selecting the pilot either by clicking the UI button for the mech, or by pressing the appropriate key.

You can switch view by clicking the individual pilots button in the top left of the display. Additionally, you can change to a split screen view by clicking your currently active mech pilots button, and you can return from split screen view by the same mechanism.

Movement Controls
W Walk
A Turn left
D Turn Right

Taking direct control of a mech cancels any movement orders given to the mech. In split screen view the mech being controlled will be the mech whose viewscreen is under the mouse cursor.

You can also gives mechs movement orders with the mouse by clicking with the left mouse button.

Mechs will move to the location that you click on in the view. If their view of the destination is blocked they may attempt to walk around such obstacles.

Weapon Controls

One fire button is not enough for a mech, so you have five.

Each button corresponds to a weapon mount.

Each weapon mount has different movement restrictions. Your arm mounts (Q+E) provide the greatest vertical flexibility, can extend away from the mech, but can only point slightly inward.

Your shoulder (1+3) and top mounts (2) cannot aim downwards and have limited side to side movement, but can be aimed upwards.